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Residential Aquariums

Residential Aquarium Design You can bring the color of life right into your home through our custom acrylic aquariums. Each meticulously designed, professionally installed and expertly maintained. Learn more about a custom aquarium for your home.

Commercial Aquariums

Commercial Aquarium Design Create an ambiance that is full of life and energy. Provide your patrons with hours of amazement with our custom designed acrylic aquarium, professionally installed and maintained. Learn about a custom aquarium for your business.

Aquarium Maintenance

Reef Aquarium Maintenance If you enjoy the view but not the daily work of maintaining a reef aquarium, let us know. We can schedule a maintainence program to keep your aquarium in pristine balance. Take the work out of owning a showpiece with our Professional Aquarium Maintenance plans.

Ecologically Responsible Reef Tank

Reef Aquarium Design & Installation No longer do you have to worry about where your corals and livestock come from, we offer a wide array of farm raised tank bred and even convincing artifical specimens for your reef tank. Learn more about our wide selection of . ecologically responsible, aquarium livestock choices, so you can do your part to save the world's reefs.

Showpiece Aquariums

Reef Aquarium Design & Installation When you really want to make a statement, a mere fish tank will not do. You need our over-the-top line of Showpiece Aquariums. Each meticulously designed to maximixe the "WOW" factor. We will work with you to create a perfect complement to your upscale decor or even an outrageous theme. No matter how conservative or outlandish, we are the custom aquarium company to deliver your new custom designed aquarium.

Aquarium Supplies

We offer everything you need to set up, establish, stock and maintain your aquarium.

No Hassel Guarantee

We stand behind our products and services and to show it we offer our no-hassel guarantee.


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